PGSharp APK Download For Pokemon Go | Latest (1.155.0) Version

PGSharp is a tool that allows players to play the mobile game Pokémon GO without actually having to go outside and walk around. It does this by letting players change your GPS location in the game using a virtually joystick on their phone screen.

This way, they can “move” their character in the game to different places as if they were physically there. PGSharp is popular among players who want to catch Pokémon or visit PokéStops in different areas without leaving their homes.

PG Sharp Logo
APP NamePGSharp
Latest versions1.155.0 – 1.127.0
APK Size330MB
DeveloperPGSharp Dev Team

Download PGSharp

Step 1: Click the Download Button given up.

Step 2: Press the Blue Download Button.

Step 3: Then, press the Download Anyway Button.

Finally, PGSharp app is start downloading in your browser.

PGSharp on iOS/Andriod

As a Pokemon GO hack, PGSharp enables the players to gain extra advantages in the game despite the little time and effort they are willing to spend, and pokemon go spoofer without root, but it operates only on Android devices and not those running on IOS or bluestacks.

Now, let’s discuss step by step method to use PGSharp.

Step 1: Download PGSharp from the given Button and get the PGSharp APK file and to launch in your device.

Step 2: After the installation is complete, click on the icon of the installed application.

Step 3: Open the settings menu of the PGSharp application.

Step 4: Find and click the “Send” button.

Step 5: The current location can be set by simply entering the coordinates or the full address of the desired destination with this feature on.

Step 6: Once a location is set, PGSharp will immediately Teleport yourself in the Pokémon GO game with the use of coordinates or address chosen.

>> Download PGSharp on Android:

Below are the guidelines to follow when installing PGSharp on an Android device:

Step 1: You can download this application from the website and after downloading you need to install it on your android device.

Step 2: In order to obtain a key, the player has to visit the PGSharp Website and get a beta key for the program. Another button is called ‘Sign Up’, when pressing it, the free trial of this program can be downloaded, furthermore, a password should be set for login information.

Step 3: They were copying and paste your PTC Pokemon GO login along with the beta key, which issued during the free trial of PGSharp.

Step 4: However, With this guide, your app is ready to be installed on your Android phones.

>> Download PGSharp on iOS:

On the official website, there is no PGSharp for iOS downloads but over the internet, it is possible to find possible download ways for iPhone users.

As a final note, it is necessary to mention that in iPhone gadgets, you may find it necessary to install other application to acquire PGSharp.

Step 1: To begin, follow the below steps: Open Safari Browser and type in the website address, “applibero. com”.

Step 2: After getting to the page, the next step will only be to look for the search bar, which should be located somewhere lower on the page. Go to the page, search for “PGSharp iOS” within the search box of the page.

Step 3: You should move to the bottom end of the page to find PGSharp iOS then click to install.

Step 4: There are two alerts you will experience when verifying; To have the verification completed, download these apps to your device.


1. How to Fix PG Sharp not Working?

Here are the steps to solve the problem on why PG Sharp is not working.

Method 1: Update PG Sharp.

Method 2: Some of the options that can improve the server’s functionality include; Clearing the cache.

Method 3: If PG Sharp is still not working for you, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the application to fix it.

2. Where Can l Get PG Sharp Apk?

If you wish to download the PG Sharp apk, you can get it easily from the website or you can try other sources which may include third party websites such as Google Play store.

3. Is PG Sharp App Safe?

Of course, there are risks, and although the Pokémon GO PG Sharp seems to be very useful when you have access to its features, you should remember the risks connected with downloading this PG Sharp.

You should not move from one place to the other often to avoid getting a soft ban with Pokemon Go.

4. Is PG Sharp Free Now?

PG Sharp is free to download and install and you can use the basic features it offers in the free version. However, as with any free app, there are restrictions and to unlock more features, you can choose to upgrade to a premium version.